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Margu is committed to minimizing the negative impact the fashion industry has on our planet. We believe in slow fashion, buying fewer and better, sourcing materials with respect for the earth, being transparent about our supply chain, and valuing the people involved at every stage of the production process. Like any business truly committed to the environment would admit, we're not 100% sustainable in every single thing we do, but we keep sustainability in mind with every decision we make and are always looking for new ways to lessen our impact.

While much care goes into the fabrics and notions we source and the way we do business, in reality, a garment produced sustainably isn't sustainable if it falls apart after three wears. Our goal at Margu is to create garments of heirloom quality, the kind of clothing you might someday pass down to your children if you so chose. Each of our garments is made to last; with proper care and occasional mending, your Margu should last basically forever.


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