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I just placed an order but I need to cancel/adjust it. What do I do?

No worries! Shoot us an email at orders@margudesign.com and we'll fix it. If your order has already shipped, that makes things a bit more complicated, but you can still send us an email and we'll get it sorted out one way or another.

I placed my order a while ago and haven't received a shipping confirmation email yet. When is it going to ship?

Send us an email and we'll let you know where your order is in the queue! Your order should ship within the lead time listed on the product page when you ordered.

I really want to order this dress, but I need it for an event in 10 days and your lead time is saying it's going to take longer than that. Is there a way I can ensure I get the dress in time?

Send us an email and we'll let you know what we can do! We will try our hardest to get your garment to you by the time you need it, but sometimes it won't be possible.

Do I have to pay sales tax on my order?

We are based out of Brooklyn, NY, so if you too are based in the great state of New York, the answer is yes. If you're not ordering from New York, the answer is no.

Do you do custom orders?

It depends on how much we've got going on at the moment, but it never hurts to ask!



Do I have to pay for shipping?

If you live in the US, nope! All US orders ship for free. If you live outside the US, we charge DHL shipping rates calculated at checkout.

Where does your clothing ship from?

All orders are made in and shipped out of Brooklyn, NY.

Which shipping carrier do you use?

All US orders are shipped via USPS, and all international orders ship via DHL.

How long does your shipping take? Can I rush ship an order?

Most orders will arrive at your doorstep 2-4 days after you receive a shipping confirmation email from us. (International orders will take about a week or so.) If you need to rush ship something or need a garment by a certain date, please contact us before placing your order.

Do you ship outside the US?

Yes! Shipping varies based on DHL's rates, which are calculated at checkout. If you're at checkout and not seeing a shipping option to check out, please contact us and we'll see what we can do.


Returns & Exchanges

What is your return policy?

If you are not completely satisfied with your new clothes (so sad to hear that!), you may return your item(s) in their original state within 7 days of receipt for a full refund (excluding shipping) in your original form of payment. Return shipping is free for US orders. All orders placed from outside the US are final sale and cannot be returned. We do not accept returns on items that you have worn, altered, washed, de-tagged, or damaged. (You're totally welcome to an in-home try-on, however!)

I need to make a return/exchange. What do I do?

Take a look at our Return Policy for detailed instructions.

How long does it take to process returns?

You can expect us to process your return 1-3 days after we receive it.

What if my return/exchange is late?

If your return is initiated 7-21 days after the original order was received, we cannot offer you a refund, but will instead offer you store credit in the full amount of your purchase. We do not accept any returns more than 21 days after an order is received and will re-ship anything we receive back to you.

Do I have to pay return shipping?

Return shipping is free for all US orders, and we will provide you with a label via email as part of the return process.


Fit & Sizing

I don't know what size to get! Help!

Don't you worry! There are three things you can do:

1) Check out our Size Guide for detailed sizing and measurement info.

2) Check the Fit section on the product page of the garment you're interested in to see any additional size information, such as whether a style runs small or large.

3) Send us an email at info@margudesign with your sizing questions/concerns and we'll be happy to help.

I really want to try this dress on before I buy it. Is there somewhere I can do that?

Unfortunately, we don't have any physical locations where you can try stuff on (yet!). To mitigate the risk of buying things without trying them on, however, we do offer free returns on all US orders.

What body type is your clothing made for?

Margu began with me making lots of clothing for myself as a hobby, and as a result, I use an approximation of my own measurements as base blocks for all our designs. I am 5'9", measure approximately 35"-27"-37", am a 32C, and generally wear a size 4/Small in Margu clothing — but that's not to say that our clothing isn't going to fit you if you're in no way similar to those measurements! I've seen a lot of people with a lot of different measurements and body types fit into Margu clothing. The key to a great fit is to read our fit guidelines both on each product page and in our Size Guide and to be OK with potentially wearing different sizes than you're used to (you may wear a size 4 in our tops and a size 10 in our bottoms, and that's totally normal!).

I checked our your Size Guide, and I happen to fall outside of your size chart. Is there a way I can get one of your garments custom made to my measurements?

Similarly to custom orders, whether or not we can accommodate custom sizing depends on how busy we are at the moment. Our pattern pieces are meticulously drafted and graded to fit the sizes in our size chart, and making custom garments takes a significant amount of extra time on our end. If you're interested in custom sizing, it never hurts to ask!


Caring for Your Margu

What's the best way to care for my Margu dress? I want it to remain in perfect condition for as long as possible!

We're happy to hear you're so dedicated to garment maintenance! Check out our Garment Care Guide for detailed instructions on how to maintain your Margu (as well as the rest of your wardrobe).

I just hand-washed and dried my Margu dress for the first time ... and it's wrinkly! What do I do now?

Wrinkles are to be expected after you hand-wash any garment made of natural fibers. The best way to get the wrinkles out is to use a high-quality steamer or a good old-fashioned iron. Don't hesitate to use steam or a spritz of water to get out any pesky creases!

Just curious ... what would happen if I happened to put my Margu dress in the washing machine/dryer rather than wash it by hand?

It depends on the fiber content of the garment you're laundering. If you put a silk or wool garment in the washer/dryer, bad things could happen. If a cotton or linen garment ends up in the washer/dryer, it won't be the end of the world, but repeated machine washing/drying (especially on anything other than cold, delicate, and no/low heat) will cause your Margu garment to wear out a lot more quickly than it should and is not recommended.


Everything Else

Where does the name Margu come from?

Margu is a nickname of mine! Back when it was time to register a name for my fashion label, I thought about naming it eponymously, but something about that felt uncomfortable to me. (I blame it on my lifelong introversion and stage fright!) At the same time, I really do pour all of myself into my collections, so not naming it after myself felt equally weird. Naming the label Margu was a happy compromise — I got to name it after myself but still remain (somewhat) out of the spotlight!

Are you really doing everything from your studio in NYC?

Everything except weaving the fabric! From our studio, we design, pattern, grade, cut, and sew every single thing you see on our site. Our process is by no means speedy, but since we have control over the entire process and take our time with it, we can create clothing with unparalleled craftsmanship, quality, and detail. Look at the inside of a Margu garment and compare it to anything else in your closet and you'll understand!

Didn't you used to be based in Arkansas or something like that?

Yes! From 2016 to the end of 2018, we were based in Arkansas. In January 2019, Margu moved all the way to NYC, and we've been here (and loving it!) ever since.

Is your clothing really "Made in USA"?

Good question! The FTC requires that any garment labeled "Made in USA" be not only manufactured in the USA, but made of material manufactured in the USA. The issue with that requirement is that there is very little fabric being manufactured in the USA, making it really hard for any apparel brand to be truly (technically) "Made in USA." We cut and sew absolutely everything here in the USA, but since the bulk of our fabric is imported (from Japan, India, China, and elsewhere), we cannot technically call most our garments "Made in USA."

I want to sew my own Margu! Do you sell your patterns?

Someday, perhaps! We'd love to be able to sell our sewing patterns at some point in the future, but there are number of logistical hurdles to get through first. Stay tuned!

I want to stock Margu in my store! Is that a thing?

Yes, it totally is! Email Emily at emily@margudesign.com for more info.


Unanswered Questions?

Send an email to hello@margudesign.com with your question and we'll happily respond.