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Founded in a tiny studio in Arkansas in 2016, Margu is a womenswear line designed by Emily Rowe. Combining classic silhouettes with vintage-inspired details, Emily's clothing strikes a balance between playful femininity and quiet sophistication. Fabrics, notions, and trims are sustainably sourced from all over the world, and every garment is designed, cut, and sewn in her New York City studio.

Emily is an entirely self-taught designer, patternmaker, and sewist, having picked up her skills over time as her hobby of clothesmaking became a full-blown obsession. Every piece of clothing is meticulously designed and patterned in her NYC studio using paper, pencil, scissors, and tape, using the perfect-fit pattern blocks she has perfected over her years of designing clothing. Emily finds inspiration all around her, and her collections are a amalgamation of the things she reads, the art she sees, the people she meets, and the places she visits – not to mention her ever-growing vintage fashion collection. 

A note from Emily:


"Clothing made slowly and thoughtfully" is our tagline. It's partly a joke on how slow and obsessive I am when it comes to making clothing, but mostly it's a description of our approach to fashion. We make clothes that are meant to last decades, not weeks; we value quality and craftsmanship over quantity and speed; we take all the time we need to get the details and fit of each piece right; we create clothing for those who believe that all clothing has a story and that good clothing is an essential part of a life well-lived.



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